BIGBANG HITTING ME IN THE FEELS! I CANNOT WAIT FOR OT5 TO BE TOGETHER ONCE AGAIN! VIPs ARE SO BLESSED! THIS SINGLE MADE MY HEART WARM. I HOPE THEY ALL HAVE A SUCCESSFUL ENLISTMENT! THE ENGLISH LYRICS WERE SO NICE! Help raise money for mental health! - ENTER BTS ARMY BOMB GIVEAWAY HERE: FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH! - PATREON (3 EXTRA VIDEOS A WEEK) - My music on Apple Music! - My music on GooglePlay! - My music on Spotify! - My music on Soundcloud! - Official Merch and Apparel! - Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - My podcast on iTunes - My podcast on Google Play - My podcast on Soundcloud - Original video - PG, FAMILY FRIENDLY, NO SWEARING, KID FRIENDLY. COME ON YOUTUBE!!!


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