Sujatha Mohan Hits Mp3 Songs

Sujatha Mohan (credited as Sujatha or Baby Sujatha) is an Indian playback singer who is popular for singing in Malayalam and Tamil movies. She has also sung for Telugu, Kannada and Hindi movies. She has nearly 10,000 songs to her credit. She is the only female playback singer who has performed more than 5000 live shows all over the world.
Sujatha Mohan Hits Mp3 Songs
Director: Sujatha Mohan
Music Director: Sujatha Mohan
Starring: Sujatha Mohan , Sujatha Mohan
Year Of Release: 1963
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Kakka-Karumban-Ee-Puzhayum-Kadannu Kakka Karumban Ee Puzhayum Kadannu.mp3
[4.50 mb] | 3399 Downloads | DJ Rexmix Songs
Kallayi-Kadavathu-Perumazhakkalam Kallayi Kadavathu Perumazhakkalam.mp3
[3.98 mb] | 6034 Downloads | DJ Rexmix Songs
Kandu-kandu-kothi-kondu-malayalam-mp3---Mambazhakkaalam Kandu kandu kothi kondu malayalam mp3 Mambazhakkaalam.mp3
[3.12 mb] | 25781 Downloads | DJ Rexmix Songs
Karimizhi-Kuruviye(D)-Meesa-Madhavan-Mp3-Songs Karimizhi Kuruviye(D) Meesa Madhavan Mp3 Songs.mp3
[4.52 mb] | 8012 Downloads | DJ Rexmix Songs
Kettille-Visesham-Seetha-Kalyanam-Mp3-Songs Kettille Visesham Seetha Kalyanam Mp3 Songs.mp3
[5.18 mb] | 1543 Downloads | DJ Rexmix Songs
Kunu-Kune-Yodha Kunu Kune Yodha.mp3
[3.49 mb] | 1913 Downloads | DJ Rexmix Songs
Manju-Peyyana-Chandranudikkunna-Dikhil-mp3 Manju Peyyana Chandranudikkunna Dikhil mp3.mp3
[4.49 mb] | 6518 Downloads | DJ Rexmix Songs
Marannittumenthino-Randaam-Bhavam Marannittumenthino Randaam Bhavam.mp3
[4.22 mb] | 18865 Downloads | DJ Rexmix Songs
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