A childhood favorite coming out strong. If you haven't heard of WaWa, get with the program people! WaWa is a favorite of mine from back in the day, they make a quality Hoagie, at least from what I remember, so I wanted to show everyone, whether you love WaWa or have never had it and want to make it at home. The thing about WaWa is that you have full control over your sandwich, so while I am not actually making every combination ever (would be a zillion) I made enough so you know how to make and customize your Hoagie to your own liking. 1:31 Meatball Sub 3:27 Ciabatta BLT 4:15 Spicy Italian 5:23 Roasted Veggie 6:35 Chicken Parm Classic 8:25 Tuna Shorti 9:25 Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak 10:50 Turkey Shorti Follow us for glorious life and eye treats. instagram: brothersgreen snapchat: brothersgreen twitter: brothersgreenbk www.brothersgreen.com Special thanks to Derek for helping out. Follow is incredible food at @makebistro Classic Meatball INGREDIENTS: Ground Beef Garlic Powder Onion Powder Salt Pepper Oil Deli roll Tomato Sauce Your preferred cheese Parmesan cheese In a bowl, mix your ground beef, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper together and form into balls. Grease and heat your pan and toss in your meatballs. Allow to cook through. Pour in your tomato sauce over your meatballs and allow it to simmer. Slice open your deli roll and layer on the cheese of your choice. Spoon your meatballs over the cheese and finish off with a dusting of parmesan cheese. Bake in your toaster oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until cheese is melted and bread is toasty. Ciabatta BLT INGREDIENTS: Bacon Mayo Ciabatta roll Tomato Lettuce Cook your bacon. Make sure it’s not too crispy to reserve some flavor. Spread some mayo on your ciabatta bread. Layer on your tomato, lettuce and bacon. Enjoy! Spicy Italian Classic INGREDIENTS: Deli roll Oil Vinegar Your preferred cheese Prosciutto Salami Any spicy cured meat of your choice Tomato Lettuce Salt Pepper Oregano Slice open your deli roll and drizzle on some vinegar and oil. Layer on your cheese, prosciutto, salami and cured meat of your choice. Add your tomato and lettuce. Add some salt pepper and oregano to taste. Roasted Veggie Classic INGREDIENTS: Deli roll Veggies of your choice Oil Vinegar Season you favorite veggies with olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast your veggies at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 20-30 minutes. Drizzle on some oil and vinegar on your deli roll and layer on your roasted veggies. That’s it! SO EASY & SO GOOD! Chicken Parm INGREDIENTS: Chicken breast Flour Beaten egg Bread crumbs Deli roll Your preferred cheese Tomato sauce Parmesan cheese Oregano Flatten out your chicken very thin and cut into strips. Dredge the chicken strips in flour and dip into the egg and cover in bread crumbs. Fry your chicken strips in oil until the chicken is cooked through and golden brown. Slice open your deli roll and layer on some cheese, chicken and tomato sauce. Dust over some parmesan cheese and oregano. Bake your hoagie at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until cheese is melted and bread is toasty. Tuna Shorti INGREDIENTS: Tuna Salt Pepper Garlic powder Onion powder Chopped celery Lime juice Mayo Deli roll Lettuce Tomatoes Onion slices In a bowl mix your tuna, garlic powder, onion powder, chopped celery, salt, pepper, lime juice and mayo all together. Slice open your deli roll and spread on your tuna salad. Layer on your tomatoes, onion slices and lettuce. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Buffalo Chicken INGREDIENTS: Grilled chicken- diced Buffalo Sauce Blue cheese dressing Toss your diced grilled chicken in a greased pan and add in your buffalo sauce. Toss so everything is well coated. Slice open your deli roll and add in your buffalo chicken. Drizzle some blue cheese over the chicken and its grub time!!! glorious music MUSIC YOUTUBE CREDITS: LAKEY INSPIRED https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired DJ KOALA (MONTI) https://m.soundcloud.com/gnabishere

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