Lego FN P90!!! Hey guys, so this is my Lego FN P90. The Lego P90 has two changeable magazines (blue and red) that both have 5 rubberbands loaded into them. The magazines both feature dual-safety, one for the trigger, and one for the spindle. This P90 uses a simple semi-automatic mechanism, but the rubberbands and the trigger are separated... I will put a P90 mechanism on my second channel soon. The Lego P90 has a range of about 2 meters (about 7 feet), and has a HORRIBLE accuracy. So I hope you like this Lego FN P90. Song Credit: Approaching Nirvana - I Dream of Ibiza MOCpages: Mechanism: Lego FN P90 by Bbwalldude May 11, 2012

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