In this Little Nightmares Theory Video we explain the Lady's story and the Runaway Kids ending. With the final DLC the Residence released we take a more in depth look at the Lady as well as analyse the ending of the Runaway Kid and come to some interesting conclusions. Extra images by: itsjustjord ❤❤ For Exclusive Updates you can find them all here: ❤ Merchandise Here: ❤ Facebook: ❤ Instagram: ❤ Twitter: ❤ Twitch: A nine-year-old hungry girl named Six is trapped in The Maw – a surreal underwater resort catering to the whims of sick and powerful fictional creatures. When an unexpected twist of fate offers her a chance at freedom, Six takes a journey through the bizarre and unpredictable world of The Maw, and catches a glimpse at the corrupt heart of modern happiness.

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