FRISK WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH SANS!? *Undertale Comic Dubs* SUBSCRIBE: EDITOR: Pokemon Comic Dub FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS; Pokemon Comic Dub truly appreciates all the members who submit their Comic Dub videos to the channel, allowing us to show the world what true talents they posses. Pokemon Comic Dub truly appreciates all the artists who allowed our video creators to use their work allowing us to entertain millions across the world. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INFORMATION: Pokemon Comic Dubs is a Pokemon comic dub promotion channel where we showcase videos from the Pokemon comic dub community. Want to feature your Pokemon comic dubs on this channel? Get in contact with us! You can contact Pokemon Comic Dubs by messaging us on YouTube, our YouTube comments section is not monitored so you may not get a reply to your inquiry via this method. We upload the best Pokemon comic dub compilation videos including (but not limited to): general Pokemon comic dub compilations, Pokemon try not to laugh challenge videos and Pokemon comic dub shorts, all featuring your favorite Pokemon characters such as Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, Pikachu etc... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright Notice(s): Pokemon Comic Dub allows other creators to collaborate with this channel alongside all the Dubbers, Animators, Artists and YouTubers allowing us to help them promote their content. This allows them to gain a name for them self giving them an audience to show what they're made off. According to the Fair Use Law of copyright and the Media/Entertainment Law we are breaking no rules. All Comic Dubs Displayed on the channel are completely Child Friendly, Kid Friendly, PG Clean. I do not own these comics nor the dubs. They belong to their respective owners and are linked back AS shown. THESE COMIC DUBS ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Copyright (C) 2016-2017 Pokemon Comic Dub Productions.

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