Happy One Year (Belated) Anniversary Undertale! I hope you guys enjoy these dubs, because they'll be the last ones for a while since I have a big project coming up. Starring: SonicPAJ as Papyrus, Desk Dude & Gerson Gerson The Pastrami as Sans lxmonadx as Toriel and Flowey (Comic 1) RawrKittyPanda as Undyne tehRogue as Asgore Kite 1965 as Flowey (Comic 11) SDFRocker as Toriel (Comic 11) Comic 1 and 11 by: GoalPuppet Comic 2: cubewatermelon Comic 3: moraix Comic 5: Chaoticshero Comic 6: ohheyipaola Comic 7:burdnurd Comic 8: stubbornpotato Comic 9: namelessokami Comic 10: mtt-brandundertale Final Pic: Wargreymon43

LIFE with SANS and PAPYRUS(Undertale Comic Dubs)UndertaleComic DubsCompilationNyeh!PapyrusSansSkelebrosSonicPAJTorielFloweyUndynetehRogueAnniversary video1 year anniversaryHappy FamilyGoalPuppetAnarchy PuppetFight Me!SpaghettiMyshelf to blameDwane JohnsonThe RockcubewatermelonRawrKittyPandaWargreymon43moraixBontrousleDub StepMegalovaniaElevator JazzlxmonadxHoodiesPoke'mon GO!

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