►DOWNLOAD ALL MY FNAF SONGS ON ONE ALBUM!◄ ♦iTunes: http://tryhard.audio/FNAFSONGS2 ♦Spotify: http://tryhard.audio/FNAFSONGS2Spotify ♦Amazon: http://tryhard.audio/FNAFSONGS2Amz ♦Google Play: http://tryhard.audio/FNAFSONGS2Google ♦Bandcamp: https://tryhardninja.bandcamp.com/track/circus-of-the-dead A FNAF SFM animation of my Sister Location song Circus of the Dead. The FNAF animation was made by myszka11o. Do you think she did a good job? Let us know by giving this video a Like, sharing it and commenting down below! IF you would like to download my FNAF songs or this FNAF Sister Location song you can do so by following any of the links above. Thanks you for your support :) VIDEO CREDITS: VIDEO CREDITS: TryHardNinja - singer, song writer, lyrics, instrumental http://www.youtube.com/TryHardNinja PetersMusicLab - instrumental, music production http://www.youtube.com/PetersMusicLab myszka11o - FNAF SFM animation, video editing https://www.youtube.com/IRivenwoodI Jordan LaCore - female singing https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7uQLNEP12djPZDBhotx2Vg MY TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TryHardNinja WANT TO USE MY MUSIC??? MUST READ USAGE TERMS: http://www.tryhardninja.com/MusicUsageTerms

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