Yush, here is surprisingly a music video, i normally don't really do them alot, but here's an exception. Now, this video needs some explaining before you go num-nuts on me for "copying Shimiiy" or something. This video is actually a collaboration with the one and only JT Machinima :D. This video will soon be uploaded to their channel with additional stuffs. It's 02:35 AM, i can't think properly right now, just so you know. They approached me with an offer, and i accepted it, as you can clearly see. This video was very entertaining to create. Actually, i spend day and night creating this, in hopes of finishing it in this very week. And it succeeded! :D I'm actually very surprised my laptop was able to render all of this, hence the occassional lack of lights and the missing Ambient Occlusion effects :/. Another SFM/FNAF'er named Shimiiy recently a music video with this very same song. Believe, i didn't copy him by making an animation for this song also, alright? Please flag, ignore or downvote offensive/mean comments. We are here to have a good time, after all. All the audio and other representations belong to their respectfull owners. Thanks in advance. I solely own the animation, editing. Credits: *JT Machinima - For the possibility of creating this video and being real lads about it all! *Lydia ColdGem - For the phantom textures of the various models. *Shimiiy - For being an inspiration for this video. *Everything_Animations, Splinks, I6NIS, Rafamodels, Cattermelon and Valve for the amazing 3D models you see in this video. Without those lads, this video wouldn't be here. Music: JT Machinima - Another Five Nights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHOPLuTUMMU JT's upload of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpgd6nIXsho I hope you enjoyed this video, this took alot of time and effort :D

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