I wish AAA publishers were a building... Drop by #burgersandfries on Rizon IRC, or http://ddm.moe on Teamspeak if you want to chat. Art: QuQu avatars by PantyGremlin & StripedTabby1 http://lulzwillensue.deviantart.com/art/The-Shill-Among-Us-577229265 Sources: Mojang: Yes, we’re being bought by Microsoft: https://archive.is/TbJQh Wall Street Cartoon - Ben Garrison: http://grrrgraphics.tumblr.com/post/141058197145/behind-the-sjw-bullhorn-new-cartoon-a-lot-of Home of the Underdogs: The Scratchware Manifesto: http://www.homeoftheunderdogs.net/scratch.php https://archive.is/TywF7 Gamasutra: Opinion: Why Do Games Publishers Exist? https://archive.is/e96ph The Odyssey: Video Games: An Emerging Art Form? https://archive.is/j7P1Y Special Note to Those Thinking About a Sex Change, by Danielle Berry: http://archive.is/acf3z The Escapist: Death to the Games Industry, Part I: https://archive.is/kXXha The Escapist: Death to the Games Industry, Part II: https://archive.is/7e6Rq Bloomberg Businessweek: Industry Vets Launch New Independent Games Company: http://archive.is/IdcEn Shuttering Manifesto: https://archive.is/JSwMJ @auntiepixelante Twitter profile: http://archive.is/6ODcH auntie pixelante: the scratchware manifesto: http://archive.is/LggLq Notes on Game Dev: About: https://archive.is/Rtaox IGDA Facebook post: https://archive.is/LLXjI Fem Magazine: Anna Anthropy: Dys4ia And Re-Defining The Indie Game: https://archive.is/OPwv2 auntie pixelante: keep me occupied: http://archive.is/QpI4F @OccupyOakland tweet: https://archive.is/azs8l auntie pixelante: how to make games about being a dominatrix: https://archive.is/qnn1K auntie pixelante: now we have voices: https://archive.is/DrpS7 GameZone: Phil Fish: 'FEZ II is cancelled' https://archive.is/mdMZr GameZone: Phil Fish quits gaming industry again, puts Fez and Polytron up for sale: https://archive.is/NWrqb 1st @PHIL FISH tweet: http://archive.is/yRfXS @PHIL_FISH (protected) account 30 Jun 2015: http://archive.is/1ITgG @PHIL_FISH account 15 Feb 2016: http://archive.is/q7jKH Blogjob: KOTAKU WRITER PAID $800 TO DEV HE WAS SLEEPING WITH, WITHOUT DISCLOSURE: http://derpy.me/vVgsa https://archive.is/daJwU Kotaku TMI: The Indie Game Reality TV Show That Went To Hell: https://archive.li/8b7TX Rock Paper Shotgun: Admission Quest: Valve Greenlights 50 More Games: http://archive.is/iS4Ru Nathan Grayson: "I'm in the credits for Depression Quest." https://archive.is/BrtTm Kotaku: "In recent days I've been asked several times..." https://archive.is/Jxtm3 Patricia Hernandez Covered Her Friend’s Games, And Didn’t Disclose It. https://archive.is/ydN6s @auntiepixelante tweet: https://archive.is/tT1Rk Polygon: Gone Home review: https://archive.is/FdsW9 Polygon: Opinion: Finding someone like me in Gone Home: https://archive.is/j8oLu Idle Thumbs About Page: https://archive.is/DxQcl "Benjamin Hitov, a childhood friend and fellow programmer, told me he once beat Gjoni..." https://archive.is/bWVPq#selection-279.320-279.404 Benjamin Hitov LinkedIn: https://archive.is/rFfj6 BTF Board of Directors - The Brain Trauma Foundation: https://archive.is/U1pWh SillySladar r/TumberInAction comment: http://archive.is/2yj71 TFYC Indiegogo: http://archive.is/qbgMh @mrappard tweets: http://archive.is/YVnxJ @JesseCox tweet: https://archive.is/qhjI0 @TheQuinnspiracy tweet: http://archive.is/jIjnE Proof that Brianna Wu did not leave her home: http://i.imgur.com/OgPnsyz.jpg https://u.nya.is/fqtodr.jpg @SpaceKatGal tweets: https://archive.is/wGm2i https://archive.is/AZuSH https://archive.is/Ph1X3 https://archive.is/uz8Q7 NicheGamer: #GamerGate Interview – Anonymous Xbox Edition: http://derpy.me/eDWLn https://archive.is/5CoLP @DreadMorgan tweets: http://archive.is/OQMoc http://archive.is/E3nS4 @PHIL_FISH "i wish videogames was a building..." http://archive.is/g2c9I Hide Indies Option. https://archive.is/yM4g3 anna anthropoy: found a job: http://archive.is/4BfLh Polygon: Zoe Quinn’s next game is a Chuck Tingle FMV dating simulator: https://archive.is/mxGXK Brianna Wu running for congress: http://archive.is/2GBn5 Kotaku: New Overwatch Character Shows Blizzard Really Is Listening: https://archive.is/IalHi 25 mil Overwatch players: https://archive.is/FWwsz

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